Awareness Tai Chi

Find a deeper connection with yourself

Tai Chi is generally a series of steps or moves of various numbers depending on the style. Awareness Tai Chi is based on 108 movements, but in reality, it is one long movement with 108 parts. You learn these parts one at a time, step by step, over a period of time.

Tai Chi is an exercise form that has been around for a long time. It’s characterized today by small groups of elderly people, typically Chinese, moving together in a slow, meditative sequence of movements or by the image of some person presumably pursuing and developing some deeper understanding of martial prowess through inner reflection.

But it is so much more!

Awareness Tai chi is a method or pathway that goes beyond simply trying to prove something. Awareness Tai Chi uses a Tai Chi form but it is so much more than being just a martial art. With a focus on Awareness of both the physical and the energetic, it provides a way for people to move beyond their stories and Identities with a practical system that they can apply in their daily lives.