living conflict free

Discover what Awareness can do for you

After many decades of being deeply immersed, along with a persistent commitment to expand our Awareness we’ve arrived at a place in our lives where we find ourselves with an abundance of Awareness, ripe and ready to harvest, and we’re here to present an opportunity for you to shift into your own Expanded Awareness.

Our On-Line Awareness Series is a collection of videos designed to enhance and support your Awareness Journey. They’re fun, comprehensive and filled with encouragement.

We’re here to help you deepen your understanding.

We’ll dig into the methods, strategies and different approaches we’ve used to discover the identities. You’ll learn over time how we’ve grown and stepped into the space of observing the identities and how you can too.

Do you feel like you’ve gotten “caught up in your identities” and are now ready to take part in some conflict-free experiences?

Discover for yourself what our On-Line Awareness Series can do for YOU!

You’re worth it!

Discover more content, tips, and techniques to expand your Awareness in our Online Awareness Series